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Sadly, #TIJP hasn't been able to gather to talk trauma, healing, and medicating with cannabis since COVID-19 hit the world by storm. To continue telling our stories and the experiences that brought us to plant medicine in the first place,  we're calling for video submissions!!


Your story may be chosen for social media stories of survivors,  as a part of a short film, or on this website. By participating, you help to end the stigma of telling our stories and the many healing benefits of cannabis to confront, manage, and heal from trauma. 

How to submit your video: 

1. On a white background with a black shirt, sit or stand to tell your story

2. Introduce yourself: "Hi, I'm Jane. I live _________, and I'm _____ years old." Feel free to use your first name if comfortable. 

3. Tell as much or as little of your trauma, survival, and cannabis story. Please do not go over 4 minutes. 

4. Click the button below to send your video as an attachment.

JANE [8], Los Angeles

"#thisisjaneproject is so much more than a project. It's a movement. Almost everyone woman has been traumatized, but few us are healing.


This Is Jane aims to heal 1 million women through cannabis and connection, and the founders have created a community that compassionately executes on its mission.

After two sessions I can say I am beginning to feel trust and have a sense of release that I haven't have before. This is Jane changes lives. Thank you!"

JANE [14], Los Angeles

This is Jane Project isn’t just like any other event. It’s an experience. An experience I’ve never had before in regards to healing on a group level. I have always used cannabis to help cope and destress from anxiety and the thoughts brought on by trauma. When I experienced #thisisjaneproject, it was like I no longer had to deal with it (trauma/healing) alone..” 

JANE [38], Philedelphia

I have been hearing about this project for some time now. To be able to be a part of its growth is an honor. It was amazing to be able to walk into a room full of strong women and discuss how this plant has helped us in tremendous ways. Looking forward to breaking the stigma together.