Women Healing Trauma Through Connection and Cannabis

Updated: Mar 3

Session 3 of #thisisjaneproject only confirmed why we set out to organize and document womxn healing trauma through connection and cannabis.

We gathered.






Thank you to every human present. Even if you didn’t share, holding space for those courageous souls that did, meant everything.

Together we shared stories of loss, grief, abuse, healing, and the importance of community when confronting, processing, and healing our traumas.

So when folks scoff at the idea that we could organize + document 1 MILLION womxn healing trauma through connection and cannabis, we smile and carry on.

Perhaps it will be less. Possibly more, but why not set a goal such as this?

Why not use our collective voices to blanket a nation riddled with trauma with new ideas? To show women, all womxn, they are not alone. Their healing need not take place in the closet anymore; or in a psychiatrist’s office, or any other dwelling making up the medical industrial complex alone. There are other treatments out there. Community, connection, and cannabis is our magic potion!

The #plantsoverpills movement has nudged our collective consciousness enough so that we, survivors of trauma and allies alike, need not seek healing from those traumas by ourselves anymore. This movement has made way for others centered around the healing powers of plant medicine and we’ll be forever grateful for the roadmap.

We believe that when we share our stories, we’re further helping the destigmatization process. It’s time we talk about trauma. It’s past time we talk about womxn.

Cannabis is both the bridge and the vessel that can get us to those conversations.

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Check out pre-launch promo video to hear the raw moments in the early days of #thisisjaneproject.