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What’s RX Mary Jades Gateway Drug? Healing Trauma & Entrepreneurship!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019



People always ask me how do I do it? How do I find the time to be a massage therapist, an advocate, and an educator?

The simple answer is that I allowed myself to create space for me. I allowed myself the time to fall, to fail, and to feel.

I've allowed myself the head space to prioritize my life for me. To focus on my needs, my wants, my goals. I've given myself the simple liberation to allow my pain to transmute into my power. While this sounds magically carefree, it is not.

It was not without great struggle that I was able to obtain great peace. My trauma led me into a life of self doubt and co- dependency. Trauma had piggybacked its entire weight on my shoulders for all of my life. It made me think I'd never be good enough and made me cry for the day that I could be "normal". The thing I hadn't realized in my youth was that I'd never be "normal". I could never hold a job in my adult life without illness attacking, mentally and physically.

"Chronic pain makes you feel handcuffed more often than not."

Sometimes chronic illness can make you feel powerless and sometimes, powerless is an understatement. Chronic pain makes you feel handcuffed more often than not. It is hard to maintain activities of daily living.Things that people take for granted such as walking, eating, and even the dreaded task of attending a job every day. People see these normalcies as a given but that is not so for all. For some folks it's hard to even hold a glass of water in their hand let alone get in the car to drive to work. I use these examples because they were my truths: this is who I was.

After a short stint living on my own, I realized I was not able to fend for myself. My illness had consumed my life. Especially because I had no idea I was even dealing with it! I thought something was wrong with me, with who I fundamentally was, with my personality. I thought that the problem was me as a human being and not as a human living with a complex medical condition and an auto-immune disease. Gaining understanding from that I learned how to live my life better.

"The smartest thing I ever did was learn how to work for myself."

It is not always easy but entrepreneurship is the true pathway to empowerment for those who suffer from auto-immune disease and chronic pain conditions. The empowerment you can give yourself from being your own boss is amazing. Entrepreneurship is the gateway drug to a healthy mind and empowering lifestyle.

Thanks to the help of my family and friends along with the healing powers of CBD, this lifestyle has enabled me to overcome so many obstacles. While it can be strenuous at times, it is always worth it to me in the end. When I have those bad days or those days where I just need a break, I don't have to explain myself to anyone. I just have to accept my humanity and move about my day with no one shaming me for my normal human needs. This allows me greater space to heal and to continually achieve more, better, and brighter goals. Entrepreneurship has me hooked! As a licensed massage therapist of 14 years and now a cannabis educator, I'm never getting off of this wave. The sea of possibilities are just waiting for me and maybe for you one day as well.

RX Mary Jade is a fibromyalgia fighter and “Realistic Holistic Cannabis Educator” “For Patients FIRST!”

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