Sore Throat? Here's A Simple, Lemon-Ginger Tea Recipe

hint, hint: all you need is lemon and ginger (and maybe some medicated honey, too)

Have you felt the tingle of spring in your throat lately?

Maybe it’s the extra pollen?

Maybe it’s chemical lawn spray?

Maybe it’s COVID-19?

Regardless, your throat and nasal passages are designed to trap bugs and irritants and there's a simple, easy way to help assist your sinus and respiratory system.

First, do not use a neti pot if you are congested! Mucus can trap saltwater in your sinuses and dry them out to the point of bleeding! Neti is only recommended for the prevention of sickness when you’re already healthy.

Kendra, from the Philadelphia event, learned this in India and swears by it.

Gargling with salt water, vinegar or lemon water is super helpful.

And drinking hot tea all day is too!

"I like mine simple with fresh ginger root and lemon (still available at the market!).

You can flush that nasty stuff down into your stomach acid before it gets into your lungs.

It’s been working fantastically for me and my friends. Along with a daily regimen of vitamins (c, d, zinc) and herbs and healthy foods."

Jane [40] 36, South Jersey

she/her use cannabis to heal

Lemon Ginger Tea





To make a batch, simply slice a couple of inches of ginger root and lemon thinly and add to hot water to steep for a while. Strain after at least 5 minutes and add medicated honey if desired.

Serve right away or refrigerate covered for up to a few days.

Your nasal passages and lungs will thank you.

Do all you can to stay strong and healthy friends!!


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