• Bri Smith

We're Hitting The Ground Running!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

At #thisisjaneproject, we organize and document inclusive communities of womxn for honest conversations around trauma, healing, and medicating with cannabis.

On Sunday February 26th, the first group of womxn gathered together to share stories & space, learn about the varying types of "trauma" we can experience, and to participate in a black and white photo-activism campaign to destigmatize conversations around trauma, healing, and medicating with cannabis.

To the first six Janes: thank you. Thank you for trusting us to be part of your healing journey and for allowing us to photograph you, raw and unfiltered. Our stories are most piercing with all the fluff removed, after all.

We believe that, fully, and intend to keep that principle at the center of all the work we do throughout the duration of #thisisjaneproject. Transparency is imperative.

In the era of social media obsessions, too often we can get caught up in looking good, polished, and telling a curated and seamless story. We say- just talk. Allow yourself to rip apart at the seams. Let it all out and without any filters. Then pose in front of a camera unapologetically. And if posing doesn't feel comfortable or good to you in any way, you're under no obligation to participate. Anonymous Jane submissions are also encouraged.

We're grateful to live in a state with legal, medicinal cannabis and the freedom that such legalities bring us. We are free to gather and to consume consciously. Not everyone can say that. While 11 US states have full cannabis legalization legislation and many more have mixed laws, mostly pertaining to medical patient recommendations, many Americans still don't have access to this medicine.

We believe that while this is changing rapidly, it isn't happening fast enough for womxn trauma survivors. We intend to raise our voices loud until every womyn has safe and affordable access to medicinal cannabis and 1 MILLION of us have been documented healing.

Storytelling. Community. Activism.


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